Make Believe Again

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Do you remember when you could fly? All you had to do was take a towel off the clothesline, use clothespins to attach it to the shoulders of your t-shirt and off into the sky you would soar! Do you remember when you could be anything, do anything, go anywhere? Do you remember when there were no limits? If you could think it you could do it.

When we are young there is nothing we can’t do; we are all great singers, artists, adventurers. As we grow, as we “become” adults, our possibilities get more and more limited. Growing up is less about “becoming” than it is about limiting. When it comes to creativity we don’t grow, we shrink. We have fewer possibilities, fewer options; as adults we can no longer fly…

As we “learn” more, our possibilities become fewer. We become limited, jaded, boxed. A mentor of mine would…

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Open or Close

Close the sale. Seal the deal. Complete the transaction. We all know what these terms mean; to complete the process of selling a product or service. They have a certain finality about them, as though they refer to the end of something. And in a traditional, commodity, non-service business-environment sense, that was the end. Once…Read more Open or Close

8 Steps For Smarter Goal Setting

It's a new year, a time for setting goals, building budgets, making plans, and committing to resolutions. Organizations and individuals alike view the new year as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start anew. So how do you set effective goals? How long will you stick with it? How will you know if…Read more 8 Steps For Smarter Goal Setting

One Strategy For Getting Things Done

  We have a lot of demands on our time; texts, messages, e-mails, app notifications, even the occasional phone call or teleconference. We are moving to a paperless world but still have the paperwork without the paper. It can be easy to become paralyzed in the face of multiple competing demands. What can we do?…Read more One Strategy For Getting Things Done

The Rise of The Machines

Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. The Rise of The Machines is being trumpeted widely. A recent cover story of the New York Post described “Amazon Go”, Amazon’s new checkout-less brick and mortar supermarket experiment, as “the next major job killer”. The accompanying picture featured the image of a 1970’s era Sci-Fi robot with the Amazon…Read more The Rise of The Machines