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Do you remember when you could fly? All you had to do was take a towel off the clothesline, use clothespins to attach it to the shoulders of your t-shirt and off into the sky you would soar! Do you remember when you could be anything, do anything, go anywhere? Do you remember when there were no limits? If you could think it you could do it.

When we are young there is nothing we can’t do; we are all great singers, artists, adventurers. As we grow, as we “become” adults, our possibilities get more and more limited. Growing up is less about “becoming” than it is about limiting. When it comes to creativity we don’t grow, we shrink. We have fewer possibilities, fewer options; as adults we can no longer fly…

As we “learn” more, our possibilities become fewer. We become limited, jaded, boxed. A mentor of mine would…

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